Marion's best kept secret for gifts, antiques, collectibles, and TOYS! 


We BUY Items


What do we buy?

Until further notice, we may consider the following items for purchase:

  • ERTL or other brands of farm toys, prefer boxed but consider all (we love damaged old ones; people repair them so don’t throw ‘em away).
  • Most action figures considered, especially 90′s and older, and new in package preferred (consider all)
  • Unique, one of a kind, rare items (any considered) if in MINT condition
  • Vintage jewelry and all rings considered (sterling silver pieces are always appreciated as are real stone items / real gems).
  • Vintage (1974 and older) toys considered (Fisher Price, etc.) we almost always buy if in good condition
  • Other toys considered; new in box preferred.  
  • Miniatures always considered (mini-items for printers drawers / small or mini display shelves / dollhouse miniatures)
  • Lee Middleton Dolls (very old / antique (over 100 years) dolls considered / Storybook dolls considered (boxed preferred))
  • PYREX, lighters, ashtrays on stands (from like 60′s and older), crocks with labels or marks on them in good or better condition. knives (pocket knives, glass knives)
  • SILVER items; silver plate considered if undamaged (no ‘fungus’ or dents)
  • Silverware especially plate or silver 
  • Damaged jewelry (don’t throw it away–donate or we pay minimum for it–people upcycle with it).
  • Collectible items (we love collections / sets / and ‘in thing’ items).  
  • Bookcases 
  • Display shelves (for homes, not for store use)
  • Trinket boxes (especially collectible ones like Limoges and Midwest etc.)
  • GIFT BAGS in excellent condition (we will pay you for them or accept them on donation as we use them for our sales).
  • Always accepting free mailing supplies (packing peanuts, wrap, etc.); no questions asked, just bring it on it and we will use it; we will come pick it up, too–just call!
  • DONATIONS always accepted; we are a family of six and completely appreciate the help and are grateful when we get donations.  THANKS.


Please do not throw anything away ever without letting a knowledgeable person go through it first; if you do not want it, someone else just might, and if you are getting a dumpster, please call us first and let us have at it; if you are throwing it away anyway, we would love to clean it up and get anything that is reusable or collectible instead of the landfill (the landfill is unforgiving and what a shame); if it’s a toy and broken and very old, there are people that fix them so donate to us versus donating to the dumpster.  THANK YOU.


Seller Rules / Expectations

  1. All sellers are required to provide valid photo identification; a photo copy will be made and kept in the confidential files of Treasure Chest Collectibles.
  2. Everyone needs to be kind, respectful, and professional.
  3. Sellers need to provide a ‘price expected’ for all items prior to TCC looking at the items to best utilize both parties time.
  4. If a Seller chooses not to accept TCC’s offer, the deal is over / offer ends when seller walks out the door.  (no exceptions)
  5. Treasure Chest Collectibles needs to see all items; do not call and ask what we will pay; we have to see the items, no exceptions.
  6. Treasure Chest Collectibles looks up items for “in house” informational and negotiation purposes.  This “look up” is for an intended “offer to purchase” items.   Items brought in for informational (not selling) intentions will be subject to per item charges to look up pricing and/or information.  Ask for details.  This does NOT equal an appraisal.
  7. Treasure Chest Collectibles does not provide appraisals.  There are a few licensed appraisers in this area.  True Appraisers have certification, and charge typically a minimum of about $120 per item.  Appraisals are normally sought out for insurance purposes and / or estate division  and / or selling purposes.
  8. TCC retains the right to refuse any and all sellers and is under no obligation to make any purchases from seller.
  9. It should be noted TCC is a store, and thus, CUSTOMERS always come first.  Sellers need to treat our customers with the utmost respect and understand TCC may assist customers preceding or even during meeting with sellers.
  10. NO ITEMS WILL BE LOOKED AT OR DISCUSSED DURING SPECIAL EVENTS.  Please refrain from bringing items in as any sellers during those times will be refused.
  11. TCC is active in the Up-Town Marion district and participates in all the events hosted for our businesses; these events are for shopping, customers, and to help our community prosper.  Please respect stated events and be professional and do not bring or discuss anything about selling to TCC during stated.  THANKS.


Whatever your story, we are a family of six.  We keep that in mind with all our purchases.  We are not in need of any inventory, and we also keep that in mind as well.  We do appreciate having high quality, clean, amazing items brought in to be sold to us.  Thank you for your consideration.


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