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October is ALMOST HERE

Published on September 24, 2015,

Are you Christmas shopping yet?  It is NOT too early to put special requests and orders in and let us work to get it for you, as we would be happy to do.  When you buy from us, often you find a once in a lifetime unique gift, normally cheaper than ordering it online or purchasing it elsewhere, high quality and undamaged items is all we normally sell.  If we have a damaged item, our tag reflects the issue and is priced to reflect stated issue (s).

October 2, FRIDAY, from 8-10:30 pm, the THE ANNUAL ADULT SHOPPING NOT (kid-free night) to come out and enjoy your Up-Town Marion, get chocolate in different ‘methods,’ shop, enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and shop local.  You can even turn your receipts in (through Marion Up-Town) and be eligible for giveaways provided by the Up-Town Marion.  SEE YOU THEN!


TCC is now on Instagram

Published on June 11, 2015,

Exciting news…Treasure Chest Collectibles has emerged from spending all our time “in the past”, and have now added Instagram to our social media presence.  You can find us under the treasurechestcollectibles username.  Follow us and see all our great pics!


Furniture at Treasure Chest Collectibles? You Bet!!!

Published on May 8, 2015,

We hear people say fairly frequently, “Oh, you don’t sell furniture, do you?” Well, we beg to differ. While we don’t usually have the big furniture items (dining room tables, bed sets, dressers, sofas, etc.), we have many great accent pieces of furniture: Curio cabinets, wall display shelves (including printer’s drawers), bookshelves, side/end tables, chairs, lamps, plant stands, typewriter tables, quilt racks, framed art, and a fantastic selection of mirrors. Don’t let the items on the furniture fool you…the furniture pieces are also for sale!!! Stop in for all your accent furniture needs at Treasure Chest Collectibles.

furniture in store


1970s Pepsi Collector glasses

Published on April 29, 2015,

Pepsi in the 1970s released some fantastic collector glasses: Looney Tunes, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Cool Cat, Tom & Jerry, and others. We have just placed a collection of 41 unique glasses from 1973 to 1976 out on our shelves. These are great collectibles items!!!! Stop in and pick up your favorite characters before someone else gets hold of them!!!

Pepsi 1970s glasses


1984 Super Powers Collection DC Action Figures

Published on March 27, 2015,

1984 Super Powers Collection action figures: Batman & Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Green Lantern. Six great 31 year old DC figures!!! These do not come around often…hurry in!

super powers figures


Schmitty’s Barber Shop Still in the BUILDING….just around the corner….

Published on March 24, 2015,

Friday, 04/13/2018:  Looking on our site.  Discover KIM WHITE, owner of Schmitty’s Barber Shop, former located for over 35 years (if I recall correctly) at 1030 7th Avenue, has already celebrated 0ver 3 years in her BRAND NEW SPOT made JUST FOR HER with all new EVERYTHING around the corner in this same HISTORIC OWEN BUILDING just with a new address of 10th Street instead of 7th Avenue!  UNBELIEVABLE how the TIME FLIES!  How fortunate she is to have such an amazing shop with all new amenities in YOUR UP-TOWN MARION.  Please do check her out, and remember Schmitty’s Barber Shop is STILL GOING STRONG after ALL THESE YEARS…just in a modernized and up-graded, made for Kim White fashion, all still in the Owen Block Building, built in 1880!

Schmitty’s Opened around the Corner 3/24/2015:  Join us in congratulating Kim of Schmitty’s and welcome her to her new spot just around the corner….she is now located behind the Marion Maid-Rite in a beautifully done for her salon spot; modern, clean, crisp, beautiful….YOU won’t miss it because she has two awesome barber signs on the building.  We will miss having her next door to us.  Her new spot is amazing and worth stopping in for a new ‘do’ to see her and welcome her to her NEW HOME….still SCHMITTY’s….just a new, modern ‘home’ around the corner.  We love her new spot and know you will too.  Congratulations, Kim!


Die-Cast Beer Semis/Tractor Trailers

Published on March 21, 2015,

Do you collect die-cast tractor trailors/semis? Do you collect beer items? This group of new items in the store fits both of those categories!!! Bud Light, Lite Beer, Olympia, Stroh’s, Carling’s, Coors, Miller, Budweiser, Foster’s. Some Winross, some Matchbox, all awesome die-cast!!! Hurry in for the best selection!

Die cast beer trucks


HUGE G I Joe collection

Published on March 7, 2015,

We have just brought in a collection of over 50 G I JOE figures (3 3/4″) from 1983 through 1987. Nearly all are 100% complete, and all but four have their full uncut file card with them. Most of these figures are version 1 for their character, and there are a few version 2s. Plus we have a complete HAVOC!!!

Below is a picture of just a small sampling from the collection.  Hurry in for the best selection.

gi joe post


Quaker Oats, Amana, and other Die-Cast

Published on January 22, 2015,

quaker amana die cast semis

We have some great die-cast tractor trailers (semis) just in.  We have 1993, 94, 95, and 96 Ertl Quaker Oats models.  Also the red(1998)  and blue (2000)  PenJoy Quaker Oats models, and a 1991 Quaker Oats Hawkeye Stake Truck Bank.  We also have an Amana Freightliner w/ trailer 1/54 scale die-cast by 1st Gear, a 50th Anniversary D-Day Commemorative Tractor Trailer model, and a 1996 Election pair of Tractor Trailers (Bill Clinton & Bob Dole), plus a Campbell’s die-cast truck.  These are in like new condition…most purchased and immediately stored.  We have duplicates of most of the Quaker Semis and the election semis.  Hurry in while we still have a selection!!!


FIRE above our store 11-8-2014 SATURDAY

Published on November 10, 2014,
It’s TRUE: There was a fire directly above our store, TREASURE CHEST COLLECTIBLES, at 1026 7th Avenue, Marion.  The Marion Maidrite had some smoke smell but no damage.  Our store had some very minor damage and in our back storage room.  Fact is, the Maid-rite and our store share a common rear entrance.  The Maidrite then has a door to their business.  We have a door to our backroom and another door to the store from inside the storage portion of our store.  
The cause of the FIRE remains under investigation.  But the fire cause…we heard via another biz electrical…fire chief on scene…not deb but chief in charge on scene, when working in back of my store about an hour plus in….reported at that time they were continuing to investigate the cause so I’m not sure of the cause only that a door was on fire and embers mentioned. In fact when we asked again later…we were advised they weren’t sure yet.
We Treasure Chest share a back entrance with the Maidrite, a small room…then from there they have a door to their business and we have one to our business back room and in floor basement entrance and another door to our business to block it off from public if u will.  The firemen physically came into our business door to store room portion of the store.  The fire chief on the situation advised us that the door that started the fire was directly above a troubled spot we knew of prior to the fire, in our back room north wall.  The fireman shared information with us about the concerns due to the buildings age re…embers and concern fell to voids and with all of them in this old structure..he wasn’t anxious to just leave.  His department exceeded our expectations in their genuine care shown towards ensuring the buildings were safe and as little belongings damaged as possible.
Truth is, the Maidrite smelled the fire first..and reported to my husband they called it in to 911…our landlord reported one of the tenants upstairs called so I’m unsure of facts re whom called.  It was our opinion the Maidrite probably smelled it first because my husband was working at the front of the store…treasure chest..while Maidrite serves customers closer to their back door.and they have one door between them and business and we have two and both doors were shut….these are the doors after entering the shared back entrance..When my husband smelled fire  or smoke and went to check, he was met by a fireman on the step at back at same time. So that clarified the real ness of the smell.  Also the Maidrite had stronger smoke smell even when we left about 7 pm…or after….didn’t check my watch.
 I don’t think the maid rite lost anything..when we were talking with them they were telling us what they saw the firemen hauling out of our store……they defined trash…..we clarified they were describing our foam, peanuts….and truth is, we lost all our shipping and packing supplies from the water damage.  Minimal damage although we had just bought a couple of hundred dollars worth of new shipping supplies so that’s a bummer yet insignificant to what could have occurred.  The fire department did knock dry wall to an already water damaged and needing repaired back room ceiling inside our stores back north wall along with water saturating it.  That’s the damage.  And I know that Terri and Nicole, Maidrite owners, were very happy as they were most concerned about their family history and photographs displayed throughout their store.  Perhaps photographs can become displayed copies to ensure their permanent history?  Those photos would be a loss to the community and the atmosphere created that only can be found at this one and only Maidrite of its kind…we know it as the Marion maidrite.
My husband Bryan Dolezal, was there the whole time….I came from picking one of children up from an event….I left and took our kids home as I recognized a return to see damage and get s report , and came back.  The Maidrite owners, their mom, a couple of their friends, my husband, and I remained until the fire department gave the all clear.  Our landlord came and went, per my understanding.  We will clean up the minimal damage to our back room today, as we were slated to be open Sunday’s again today thru At least the end of May….busier season of our business type.
Our landlord has reported to us on numerous occasions that he will be fixing the entire back area of the building housing the Maid-Rite, Treasure Chest, and Schmitty’s and the apartments above stated, including the rear entrances of the Maid rite and our Store soon anyway.  While there is an art grant in Marion which involves fixing up the alleyways in the backside of our stores, our landlord reports he will be fixing the buildings including the shared rear entrance, as the business owner not building owner, we are unsure if this fire damage speeds up the building owners’ timeline of repairs and structural issues needing addressed on these over 150 year old buildings OR NOT.