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As a small business, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and the special services that we provide that the “big” stores just can not or will not.  So without further ado, we offer the following services:



wrapped_present_iconSmall fee for gift wrapping (for items purchased in our store) all year.


searcing_iconIf you are looking for a specific item, we will try to find that item for you!  Just let us know what you’re looking for….Most items we can get within a week or two.


We will come in and purchase estates, etc.  Like everyone in our business, we will not be ‘piece pricing’ but offering a set amount for everything you want out, keeping in mind we are providing all the supplies, help, and taking it with us chipped or not, and with short notice and / or cleaning it out in a very short period of time from a few minutes to a day .  We will be offering accordingly.  

While we have owned the business since 2-1-12, we have not done an estate sale or tag sale to date; we ARE READY TO DO THEM AND OUR FIRST THREE CUSTOMERS for stated will be provided a great deal as we will be ‘fresh and learning from stated;’ We are confident we will run a very quality, successful sale on your behalf.  We would need the first three customers especially to be patient with us, as we will not only be learning but realizing what works and doesn’t.  We would like to have about 6 weeks time for our first three sales, as we have not done one before and we do want to ensure we have enough time to go through everything and set it up for sale pricing each item.  Those 6 weeks are not meeting times rather preparation time.  We do have a very experienced person in the community that has accepted our request to help us the first few, to teach us the ropes.  This person no longer does regular sales; still very active in the world of sales and buys and has helped others in some very, very successful sales.  We would certainly utilize his assistance and are confident our first three sales will be the first of many more in our future; we all have to start somewhere and we are needing our first three customers to be willing to let us start with your tag, estate, or pre-estate sale.  We will provide several plans for sales we host (we will be willing to clean out the home afterwards and help get rid of anything left as agreed upon; numerous options will be available and discussed during our meeting (s).  CALL TREASURE CHEST COLLECTIBLES anytime to set up a time to meet with us / interview us for consideration of your tag or estate sale.  NAME OF STATED PENDING:  for now, kindly call Treasure Chest at 319-826-3752  (we will be ready to host our first sale after January 1, 2015; thank you!).



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