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Schmitty’s Barber Shop Still in the BUILDING….just around the corner….

Friday, 04/13/2018:  Looking on our site.  Discover KIM WHITE, owner of Schmitty’s Barber Shop, former located for over 35 years (if I recall correctly) at 1030 7th Avenue, has already celebrated 0ver 3 years in her BRAND NEW SPOT made JUST FOR HER with all new EVERYTHING around the corner in this same HISTORIC OWEN BUILDING just with a new address of 10th Street instead of 7th Avenue!  UNBELIEVABLE how the TIME FLIES!  How fortunate she is to have such an amazing shop with all new amenities in YOUR UP-TOWN MARION.  Please do check her out, and remember Schmitty’s Barber Shop is STILL GOING STRONG after ALL THESE YEARS…just in a modernized and up-graded, made for Kim White fashion, all still in the Owen Block Building, built in 1880!

Schmitty’s Opened around the Corner 3/24/2015:  Join us in congratulating Kim of Schmitty’s and welcome her to her new spot just around the corner….she is now located behind the Marion Maid-Rite in a beautifully done for her salon spot; modern, clean, crisp, beautiful….YOU won’t miss it because she has two awesome barber signs on the building.  We will miss having her next door to us.  Her new spot is amazing and worth stopping in for a new ‘do’ to see her and welcome her to her NEW HOME….still SCHMITTY’s….just a new, modern ‘home’ around the corner.  We love her new spot and know you will too.  Congratulations, Kim!

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