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Summer up-date August 4, 2014

Published on August 4, 2014, by in News.

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Summer vacation for the kiddos in Linn-Mar and Marion districts return to school in 14 days.  While our summer was full of closing a store and cleaning it out, opening a new store and preparing it to do so in 6 shorts weeks, Ruthie had a vacation.  Ruthie spent about 4 weeks of summer sick and had a surgery.  Not the ‘right way’ to get a vacation, nor fun, but it did add some more ‘unique experiences’ to the already crazy summer TCCfTT experienced.   Ruthie’s ‘vacation,’ which kind of happened after surgery, did get our own home’s main floor deep cleaned.  Now, Bryan has 14 days (goal and before school starts) to do the same with the basement.  NO PRESSURE!

Our children did get a vacation.  They saw their grandparents whom live in Kansas twice and all three of the youngest whom still live at home spent time on the farm, as did the family dog, in west central Iowa at the other grandparents.  They got to boat, swim, hang out at the pond, raft, ride tractors and combines, see all kinds of things, go to church (even in the park), according to them get whatever they asked grandma for (I don’t think they asked for much lol), drive the lawn mower (huge) and the golf cart around the farmstead and much more.  Most importantly, they made lifetime memories with their grandparents.

Through it all, Ruthie has returned to work, and is in the STORE!  Ruthie is happy, and her cheerful, happy self again!  Come on down and see!  She has missed everyone!  Hope your summer was great, and that the last two weeks before school starts is fabulous.  Take some time to make memories, even if it is in your own yard!  Good Day!

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