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Welcome to

Treasure Chest Collectibles!

Christmas 2018!

The Holiday season is upon us.  And so is the chilly and possibly white weather.

The best part of a place like TREASURE CHEST COLLECTIBLES is that you can come in, warm up, and reCREATE and reLive your days of MAKE BELIEVE, REINVENT them, and even share them with future generations.  THUS, the WEATHER NEVER MATTERS!


Treasure Chest Collectibles celebrated 17 years in business this year and February 1, TCC marked 6 years as “us,” Ruthie and Bryan Dolezal, as the owners; and the Marion ARTS Festival held May 19, marked the start of when ‘we’ began our move to MARION four years ago.  That was a fantastic choice: given we struggled to park to carry things into the store to unload among the masses, were closed at our old and ‘to be new location to make the huge move,’ and could only say all day, “oh my gosh, can you imagine if we were actually open here TODAY!”  Yes, that was painful!!  And, of course, we had NO IDEA we were moving on the Marion Arts Festival Day, as that was NOT something we were thinking about at the time!  Now, we live for the Marion ARTS FESTIVAL, and remind you to please put it on your calendar TOO!  July 2018, we celebrate 4 years of truly being open in Marion four years, and if we have our way, we will remain in 1026 and add to it 1030 for about 20 more years!  We have found our HOME!  

Our children have gone from ages: 2-18 years to 9-24 years (presently) and we’ve added a 1 year old grandson, 4 year old ‘granddaughter,’ and 25 year old to our family that is growing!  We’ve gone from a family of 6 to 9 in the 6 years!  And that’s not counting the number of nieces, nephews, cousin-in-laws, and whatever their spouses and their children are all called!  We have fortunately only experienced three family deaths and they have affected the store and us needing to be closed as a family owned business: Mark Dolezal (cousin of Bryan), Marcella Dolezal (Grandmother of Bryan-and everyone at nearly 101 years of age and Queen of kolaches), and Gary Brown (Ruthie’s beloved dad).  

We’ve experienced a lot of changes on the business front as well.  We began this year, 2018, under new building ownership (bank owned and the building is NOT for sale at this time (still as of 10/18/18)), and plan to remain at the 1026/and stalled until further notice YET AGAIN since like December 2017 on the 1030 spot 7th Avenue, Marion spots, and confident we will be moving forward soon with progress.  Most importantly is to shop with us at Treasure Chest Collectibles and often as our inventory is always changing and improving.



Current Hours 
Monday-Thursday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday/Saturday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

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IN THE ONE AND ONLY UPTOWN MARION and in the Historic Owen Block Building



Often referred to as another “Antique Shop“, we beg to differ.  We are a COLLECTIBLES STORE!  While we do indeed have SOME items found in traditional antique stores, we have such a broad array of items that we break the mold of “traditional” antique OR resale stores.  Antique, vintage, modern, and brand new covers the age range of the items we carry;  and unique, fun, quality, clean, desired, inspiring, treasured, useful, reminiscent, decorative, beautiful, and COLLECTIBLE are just a few of the words that describe the types of items we carry.


From young to old, male or female…we have something for you!

TREASURE CHEST COLLECTIBLES is ‘that place’….the one you can come and feel the warmth and love your memories from your cherished childhood, dream of days you imagine in your mind, or perhaps hang out with your ‘group’ and enjoy our store in YOUR own way;

many people experience our store in touching ways……..

some breeze in and out….

some walk on by and never realize what they just missed….

others converse about how glad they are they DIDN’T walk on by……

truth is…… there is a little bit of magic inside our TREASURE CHEST.  

Truth be told, if YOU did not see it when YOU walked through or walked on by…..

then we invite you to COME ON IN, look a few minutes, and we assure you, YOU WILL find something that will make you laugh, smile, bring a tear to your eye, or just amaze you.  

And, perhaps, if nothing else, just perhaps, you will learn something new while stepping inside the collection of treasures, and make some great memories, make a memory to treasure for a lifetime, and hopefully find a treasured gift from our chest to take with you.


We are located in Uptown Marion, Iowa

in the historic Owen Block Building….

one of the oldest buildings in the downtown area,

built in the 1880s or 1890s.

TCC has been in this historic space since the summer of 2014.



You will be glad you did.

storefront edited

If you have noticed we are no longer in Cedar Rapids at our original location of 3201 1st Ave SE, FEAR NOT!

Treasure Chest Collectibles IS STILL OPEN with the SAME GREAT OWNERS SINCE 2/1/12!

We are in Marion, Iowa, and the sole business in the downstairs of the building using two spots of the building (the east side of the building) which is on the NorthEast corner of 7th Avenue and 10th Street, and the addresses of 1026 and 1030 7th Avenue, Marion, IA.  There is parallel parking right out in front and across the street from our store, plus there are several parking lots and other on street parking spots in the area.   We are just 10 minutes from our old location, on the same busy street. (the west side of the building will be remaining vacant for the time being-was formerly the Marion Maid-rite).  No businesses are coming into those two spots at this time.  When there are, we will let you know!  Until then, we encourage you to enjoy all the other amazing eateries as there truly is something for everyone in UpTown Marion from Mexican, sweets, coffees, desserts, bar food, cafe, pizza, subs, to donuts, pancakes, sandwiches, grilled cheese, unique meals and salads (like Ramsey’s), Chinese, Italian (best bread ever!), and chocolate to end it all with!

Prior to June, 2014 TCC called another historic location home for nearly thirteen years:  3203 and 3201 1st Ave SE Cedar Rapids (formerly known as Kenwood Park before being annexed by Cedar Rapids,) with the old Trolley Stop infrastructure still present.

The business at our old locale of 3201 1st Avenue SE, CR, is NOT associated with us.